Salmos - (BR)

Salmos, born 1982 as Fabio Saturnino da Silva in São Paulo Brazil, began its trajectory in 1997. Salmos is known for Throw Up pieces involving letters and cartoon characters. Seeking that nostalgia that takes us back to childhood, Salmos reproduces his works, with a strong influence of these drawings we watched as children. Almost always his characters are without eyes, he believes that without eyes the drawings will remain forever with that ingenuity of a child who does not see the evil of the world.

With his first solo show in New York City in 2016, where he was dubbed by SALMO135 artist coco144 (1970s graffiti artist) for making his first graffiti on 135th Street with Broadway in New York. He returned to the cradle of graffiti (NYC) in 2018 at a group exhibition and had an exhibition at the Secret Fresh Gallery in Manila in the Philippines in 2019.

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