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Public Provocations V
06.2013 - 10.2013
08.06.2013 / 20:00 h

Public Provocations V

The Colab Gallery presents the fifth edition of Public Provocations. It combines various styles, disciplines and techniques of Urban Art. Nine artists from all over the world will be providing insight into their creative work. Every single artist is unique, and the exhibition will be as extraordinary as each exceptional piece of work is. Public Provocations – a cross section of current works of the urban art scene.

Urban Art is increasingly enjoying a world-wide recognition, thus successfully breaking its way into the galleries. Many artists are rooted in the streets of this world. Just like the canvas in an atelier serves as a medium of expression, street lights, electricity boxes or house walls of urban environment are summarily converted into a platform for communication.

The invasion of public space is on the one hand a territorial marking or fingerprint of the artist, on the other hand the artists strive for entering into a dialogue with their environment. The subjects are multifaceted: from overcoming the daily greyness of urban tristesse by using colorful, esthetic motives, over political and socially critical messages right up to human, private topics, all facets of human existence are illuminated.

What began as a provocation has become a permanent feature of urban landscapes. Entire cities are characterized by street art and graffiti. Each of the nine artists derives from the streets and is still today engaged with public space.

Public Provocations brings the varied communication of the streets or the provocation into the gallery. The exhibition will be showing a cross section of current pieces of work from various disciplines of Urban Art. Not only the works of young, talented newcomer artists, but also those of established ones will be shown in the exhibition.

PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS is opening on Saturday, June 8th at 8 pm and we are looking forward to seeing you there!