Gris1 - (FR)

Being hyperactive and always in a creative search, Gris1 aka Lime is hard to classify. Born in the 80s in Southern France, he soon found his calling for art on the school desks in 1996. At first, he dabbled on motorway walls : armed with spray cans and conscious about the fact, that this was not just about painting but more an attitude, stipulated by the rules and the code of honor of the graffiti scene. 15 years later, and after many litres of paint sprayed onto different building materials and walls, he has left behind flops, colored spaces and monumental frescos across several continents.

His passion and name he exposes at many festivals and exhibitions. His exhaustless source of creativity provides him with concepts, manual skills and the mastery of tools and puts him into the position of being a recognized member of the French and also European graffiti art scene. The originality of his works and his action as a graphic designer turn him into a leader, when it comes to the rules and the code of honor of the graffiti scene.

With his « Home Made » typographies he has developed his own handwriting and recognizable style of mixing illustrations, throw-ups and vectorial brushwork, producing oscillating works of art balancing between a childish and clear view of the world. In 2003 he struggled to vitalize his culture together with Sowat: « France d´en bas » (down with France)was the first book on graffiti from Southern France, at a time when all available information on these techniques concentrated on the Parisian scene, only.

As a member of the group Da Mental Vaporz, he can act out his passion for gigantic frescos and create collective artworks that continually display a playful and innovative character. Since 2005 the group has left behind numerous works on concrete backgrounds, at exhibitions or on-site/in-situ. Like this they continue to astonish people with their unique and remarkable collective works, that contain each of the members individual style. Today he lives in Lyon and has several projects, whether they are of a collective or an individual nature, for galleries or in the streets.

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