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Power Play

On the 8th of June 2019 the Colab Gallery will be opening its doors for the group exhibition „Power Play“.

Already in the 1970s teenagers left their first mark in public spaces, using pen markers and spray cans. Looking back, these tags and symbols laid the foundations for an artistic direction that today can be summed up in graffiti or urban art.

Free of institutional influences, mostly autodidactic and competing with itself, the sprayer scene developed its artistical and technical potential. The growing demands on own conduct were soon followed by manual skills and an artistic quality that didn‘t go without notice.

Today urban art is ubiquitous and with its impressive images, critical interventions and cryptic writing it provokes not only the observer but also the art world in general. In the way that urban art is actually contemporary art, it also competes against itself.

Come and experience an unbiased showdown. Discover graffiti art in the style of classical paintings of the Italian Renaissance and Age of Enlightment; stencil techniques, that cite the cyberpunk style of H R Giger; abstract paintings reminding of dazzle camouflage and acrylic ones remembering the masters from long ago. Enjoy an installation that invites the observer and his perception for a game.

Eight renowned, internationally active urban artists were chosen for this theme and invited to Weil am Rhein. You can find their art in public spaces, galleries, and exhibitions.

We are looking forward to showing you Ampparito, Sabek and UdaTxo from Spain, Czarnobyl and Pisa73 from Germany, Sepe from Poland, the artistical duo Sten and Lex and also Andrea Ravo Mattoni from Italy.

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