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Weil am Rhein – On December 07 the Colab Gallery will be opening its doors for this year´s second exhibition. For the exhibition Rule of Three, three artist positions from three countries each have been invited. The first ground is broken by a selection of eleven artists from France, Switzerland and Germany.

Not without reason do we begin Rule of Three with these three countries. After all, the “Regionale 14”, the annual exhibition for the region around Bale, Strasbourg and Freiburg will be taking place at the same time. Even though not all of the invited artists come from the near tri-border region, we are nevertheless risking an attempt at complementing the range of art at the Regionale and pointing out the current happenings in urban art to our neighborhood.

Graffiti, originally invented in NYC, has enjoyed a worldwide triumph since the eighties.  The graffiti virus successfully hit the ground in Europe already in the eighties. And so it was largely young artists from Europe, occasionally from France, Switzerland or Germany, who developed Graffiti into art. Today, after more than 30 years later, this art direction is called Street Art or Urban Art and is about to conquer the world a second time. Save that this time the storm is taking place within the world´s galleries.

So it is not surprising that we do not solely look toward New York when in search of artists for our exhibitions. They are already here, even in our near neighborhood.

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