David Monllor

David Monllor - (CH)

David Monllor was born in 1987 in the Swiss canton Aargau, as son of an Italian mother and a Spanish father. Today he still lives and works there. Already in his childhood did he discover his passion and fascination for portraiture and painting. At the age of 12 he encountered for the first time the subculture of graffiti that deeply influenced his work. His connections within the Urban Art Scene enable him to travel frequently and create walls domestically and abroad.

As a self-taught artist David Monllor developed his own techniques with the spray can right up to the ultimate perfection.Hyper-realistic portraits have become his trademark. In search of new ways of expression he has discovered his fascination for oil painting in the last years.

His current works range from meticulously elaborate photo-realistic paintings and
abstracted portraits that decompose explosively and through the commotion create a
completely new aesthetic in the eye of the beholder.

Selected Exhibitions of David Monllor

Brush Magazine, Europaallee, Zürich (CH)
Invasion, Gruppenausstellung, E-Werk Freiburg (DE)
Face Off, Gruppenausstellung, Prettyportal Gallery (DE)
Somewhere In Between, Einzelausstellung, Galerie Artlane, Klagenfurt(AT)
Stroke Urban Artfair, Munich (DE)
In Your Face, F16 Kunsthalle im Riedingerpark, Augsburg(DE)
Grafik 13, Maag Halle, Zürich(CH)

Industrie9, Gruppenausstellung, Regensdorf(CH)
All City Style, Gruppenausstellung, Soldout Gallery, Bochum (DE)

Stroke.04 Urban Artfair, Munich(DE)
Artaq, Gruppenausstellung, Paris(F)

Style needs no color, Gruppenausstellung, Pretty Portal Gallery, Düsseldorf(D)

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