Colab Gallery, WEIL AM RHEIN
22. NOVEMBER 2014 - 02. MAY 2015 

Weil am Rhein - On November 22 the Colab Gallery will be opening its doors for this year´s winter exhibition. Three artist positions from three countries are invited to the exhibition Rule of Three.

After the first edition´s success in 2013 the Colab Gallery continues with this concept for the exhibition Rule of Three, concentrating on ten artists from Russia, England and Italy.

We are happy to introduce to you SHOK-1, EELUS and PREF from England SCHEME, MORIK, RASKALOV&MAKHOROV from Russia and PEETA, ALEX FAKSO and RAPTUZ from Italy.

The graffiti virus

fell onto fertile grounds in Europe as early as in the eighties. And so it was in large part young artists from Western Europe that further developed graffiti painting to become art. Since the Iron Curtain fell another generation of talented artists from Eastern Europe and Russia have appeared and are now for their part enriching and translating graffiti art with their cultural traditions.

The development of Urban Art would not have taken place at such an amazing pace without the Internet. For artists of Street Art or Urban Art the Internet has become the main portal to spotlight their work. Networking and exchange among one another also mainly takes place on the Internet.

Thanks to this fact we have an international level of quality today.

Nowadays it seems, that it is not so much of interest anymore where a wall is painted, because it is spread via Internet instantly over the whole world. Be it because the artists publish their work on their own websites or because fans of this culture are doing so on blogs or social media.

Despite of this international exchange and alignment of quality, which can be observed, country-specific trends and currents of urban art can be recognized nevertheless .  By focusing on ten artists from three countries the Colab Gallery tries to filter out which these could be.

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