Raptuz - (IT)

Raptuz is a famous graffiti writer from Milan, co-founder of the historical crew of TDK and part of the world-renowned CBS crew, from West-Hollywood - California. He has been doing graffiti since almost thirty years, developing his figurative style both in Italy and in California where he has lived for several years. He is considered one of the historical italian graffiti writers that was important for the development of the movement in the country.

He has been painting and showing worldwide and during this last year he has exhibited in collaboration with Hausammann Gallery, both in United States, in Germany and Italy for personal and collective expositions.

“For the last works I started and developed a style over the years that I had tried several times from ages not suspected, and I came through the deconstruction to a compromise between graphics, figurative and abstract, as I call it the “futurism of the broken window”.

It allows me to explore different facets, by seeing the subject from many points of view, such as spying through a broken glass, where the seeing and the not seeing brings you into a cosmic universe”.

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