Reser - (IT)

Reser, born 1974 in Turin, started painting in the summer of 1994, taking inspiration from the Walls and paintings along the railways during his travels to Paris and Amsterdam by train.

He studied typo composition, but is self-taught in graffiti and also the rest of his paintings. After meeting Spyder, a writer who was one of the first in the graffiti scene of Turin, he was more inspired to keep the letters as a base point.

He is a member of Tot’s crew since 1997, and Love letters,International Graffiti Crew. His works represent the state of mind of that moment and period that goes hand in hand with his life, He always tried to do a lot of sketches and it is very important for him to find new tricks and new things, For works on canvas or other media he differentiate from graffiti. He likes to work l with dated tools such as stencils of the 70s.

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