Mando Marie

Mando Marie - (NL)

Mando Marie (1981) is an American artist and painter living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She uses nostalgia as a tool to engage an audience. Mando’s work subtly straddles a line between comforting and eerie.

Often compared to Golden Book era illustrators like Eloise Wilken, and fine art outsider Henry Darger, her use of children at the threshold of adulthood relays both innocence and impending change. Mando uses stencils to create her signature twin imagery.

As the graphic style of stencilism has grown in importance in contemporary art, primarily through the popularity of artists like Shepard Fairey and Banksy, Mando’s work is set apart by her vast visual library of hand drawn imagery, and her painterly attention to the work. Unlike other artist using stencils as an artistic tool, Mando’s work goes well beyond the overtly sexual, easily political or punchline imagery of most of her Street Art peers.

She creates large scale indoor and outdoor murals and works on paper and canvas for gallery and museum settings.


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