Horfee - (FR)

Born in the 80's. Lives and works in Paris.
He paints walls, most of the time not legally, and draws at home whenever it's possible.

"Working with the city doesn´t mean, you automatically are a 'street artist'.“
By saying this he wants to explain that he considers every person that expresses him- or herself nowadays to be a contemporary artist, whatever is said or written. "You draw, you paint, you take risks, you lie, you steal. And the best way to do what you want to, is to say "I am an artist ." Horfee is heading for the raw, real threatening games and the basic state of mind to survive. For him the rules are colors, lines, tatoos, climbing buildings, sculptures, archive pictures, and much more.

Old cartoons and Sci-Fi movies helped him to relate to something strong out of the depth of the "meaningless system", and taught him how to fight with his own tools and to prove his culture. "Even if a part of it is in a museum, there is no reason to label is 'street art'! - What we are doing, is art for good!"

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