Honet - (FR)

In 1988, a young Parisian discovered graffiti. He was only 15, but he knew that from that moment nothing would ever be the same again. In that time it took other taggers to work out how to change the nozzle on their cans. Honet’s work became a reference in the Paris graffiti world.

At the end of the 1990s, he decided to change direction and swapped his spray-paint can for a brush. A second career began in which this time the walls covered were in galleries. His style, a cross between the gothic and modern baroque, has been strongly influenced by his travels across Europe and Asia and is nourished by the abandoned spaces (churches, forests, industrial buildings, catacombs) he visits. His images of ravaged landscapes peopled by skeletons have already been exhibited widely and the artist has collaborated with companies including Lacoste and Ruby along with numerous press publications!

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