Zedz - (NL)

Born 1971. Lives and works in Milan, Italy.
He is a graphic designer and artist and started doing graffiti at the age of fourteen. After mastering the basics, he developed a more marked graffiti style, which became the firm basis for the artwork he has been creating until today.

Zedz works in multiple disciplines: painting, graffiti, computer graphics, creating 3 dimensional simulations and monumental 3D objects. The work can differ in size and appearance: from drawings to miniatures and scale models to monumental paintings and objects, up to doing art direction for large scale projects.

The works of Zedz are mainly typography based and could be seen as a constant quest to develop new ways of presenting his name. By doing so, he creates typography, that is expressive, playful and becomes abstract. The work deals more with rhythym, shape and dimensionality than the importance of reading the letters. Zedz wants to create graffiti that is multi purposed, graffiti pieces that are objects on which it is possible to sit down on, relax on or to play a bike or skateboard trick on; extruded graffiti (-lettering) turned into objects that relate to the human size and interact with the public space, preferably in an urban environment.

Special projects are (a.o) a series of collaborational projects with the architectural office MUA (Maurer United Architects), exploring the borderline between graffiti and architecture (1999-2003). A research that led to a hybrid between architecture and graffiti by which the graffiti drawing is transformed into proposals for huge scale 3-dimensional architectural objects. The art direction for the world flatground BMX-championship (2005) and animations for diverse clients are good examples of implanting the signature style and a way of thinking, incorporating different mediums and, keeping oversight while coordinating larger scale and more complex projects.

In the exhibition he wants to show several pieces that are part of a bigger 'whole'. He wants to make a reference to his previous work and wants to show work, that is just a part of the previous already abstracted vowels of his name.

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