Tony Star

Tony Star - (CS)

Tony Star is an artist and designer from Novi Sad, Serbia. Started in 2001 as a graffiti bomber and since then he explored the huge spectrum of visual world. He worked as a designer for 10 years. Working in different visual fields has opened his horizonts, refined his sensibilities and enabled to build own visual voice. His work can be viewed as contemporary art - considering media, technique, materials, technology, style and street art movement where he is coming from. Always surreal with a dose of pop art, TonyStar can be considered as a pioneer of plastic style since he’s first computer-generated and -modeled graff “Star” has been painted on a wall in 2013.

Tony’s work utilizes lettering, illustration, figurative art, abstract art, still life and always remains visually consistent, recognizable and authentic. Realistically painted works in a specific, superior spray paint technique is fusion of design, computer graphics, street art, illustration and graffiti with always present artistic vision. He is currently juggling between murals, graphics, canvases and figurines. Every piece represents a complex and long journey and it comes from pure imagination. Artist has control over every aspect of his work. The carefully build it upon myriad decisions including figure stylization, form and letters stylization, lights, materials, narrative, compostion, colors etc…. It seems like every piece is developed from different viewpoint but somehow end up as extension of the same original vision. Painted and produced by artist.  “Its like a game of exploration. I try to find certain phenomenon and catch it.

Constant observation of all these complex elements gives me freedom and endless possibilities. And thats the drive that never leaves me alone. Its like a relief when I find it and finish it. but it’s like a constant pressure that there is so much more on the other side, waiting to be done.”

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