Stefan Strumbel

Stefan Strumbel - (DE)

Born 1979. Lives and works in Offenburg, Germany.
He uses traditional motives that are associated with his origin, the Black Forest. On an abstract level, Strumbel deals with the paradigms of “home“ and simultaneously questions its concept. The exhibition encompasses objects from folk art that refer to the clichéd notions of home, folklore and popular piety: the traditional cuckoo clock, wooden masks of the Alemannic Carnival or typical crucifixes mainly used in catholic households.

Biography of Stefan Strumbel

First experiences with graffiti

Working as independent artist  

2002 – Today   
Various solo- and group shows

„Berliner Liste“, Berlin, Germany

„art Karlsruhe“, Karlsruhe, Germany
„ONE MAN SHOW“, Galerie Springmann, Freiburg, Germany
Publication „What the fuck is heimat?“, Stefan Strumbel photographed by Rüdiger Glatz, released           

*Courtesy Galerie Springmann

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