Sicoer - (PL)

Sicoer or Sico, is a Polish artist based in Cracow. He began painting Graffiti in 1998. After more than 20 years of experiences in graffiti he is pushing the limits of his handstyle and is mixing street tags with influences like classic calligraphy.

In his works he focusses on basic graffiti forms such as tags and their experimental variations - constant searching for new shapes in the galaxy of style. For the last couple of years calligraffiti has become his main interest - combining classic calligraphy rules and mixing them with graffiti handstyles. Leaving the special effects, like colour blends and funky backgrounds to clarify the letter shape and style.

Those travels lead him to what he does now - strong and bold brush strokes in nearly geometric shapes – still keeping the raw and messy street like flow, playing with different letter configurations, purifying the form.

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