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Rodrigues & Vieira - (BR)

Fábio Vieira is a pixador and photojournalist, works in the city of São Paulo and greater area, in Brazil, covering protests, politics, sports and the main daily news.

Owner of the individual company FotoRua, through which it sells images to renowned agencies in Brazil and the world. The main theme of his authorial production is the pixação de São Paulo, portraying the daily life of the movement through his lens, since the age 17. He is the owner of the SPixo page on Facebook and Instagram, with more than 14,000 followers from around the world. He has contributed providing his images with academic researches, national and international reports. His photographs translate into images the actions, ideologies and the way pixadores use the space of the city to compose their art syncretically. In recent years he has been interested in portraying also the manifestations of protest and the violence that surround this universe.

Bruno Rodrigues is pixador, artist and documentary filmmaker of the pixação’s urban scene in São Paulo, Brazil. Pixo attracted his attention when he was still very young, only 10 years old.

Since then, he began to scribble the walls of the city and became part of a cultural movement that changed his perception of life, the PIXAÇÃO. His trajectory led him to build strong friendships and opened doors to direct contact with pixadores and pixadoras who have made history in the streets of São Paulo. These relations aroused the interest in promoting a dialogue between the pixação and the public, based on the view of its authors and outside the stereotype built by the media and public power, this way became pixador-documentary filmmaker and launched the label PixoAção.

Bruno searches to expand his work beyond artistic calligraphy,
provoking questions about the way of pixador lives and rescuing the origin of protest pixo. In 2017, one of his interventions of Pixação, made in a building in the Center of São Paulo, was published by the main newspapers of the country, for mocking the campaign against the movement, inflamed by the current mayor of the city.

When passing between the practice on the streets and the art scene, he considers that is essential to remain faithful to his origins in the streets of São Paulo-Brazil. In his artistic production, Bruno has been exploring the aesthetic dimension of the body movements of the pixadores during the interaction between themselves and with the urban structures.

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