Remed - (FR)

Lives and works in France.
Remed discovered the art of painting in a studio in Lille, France, heavily influenced by Art Nouveau and 70s pattern graphics. Feeling constrained by the restrictions of his studio, he started interacting with his environment, painting street pieces in Lille, which he describes as traces of ideas and witnesses. Remed now travels the world leaving traces of ideas in the various environments he encounters and continues to work on canvas and sculpture, mixing text and image, unifying them to express more then letters, images and words. ‘I make rhymes with colors, shapes and sounds in order to express a feeling, the evolution of a thought, with the recurring themes of duality, infinity and movement.’ – Remed

His work can be found in train stations, on rocks, and even less intelligent organisms like a series of public billboards. Wherever you are, an image of Remed always seems to enter the trip at one point or another.

Biography of Remed

2005 - Today
Various murals, solo- and group shows all over Europe, Marocco, USA and Brasil

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