Pollo 7

Pollo 7 - (CH)

Pollo 7 grew up on a farm. Animals, plants, food chains, work, and emotions. He began reflecting everyday life in his images from an early age; young Pollo 7 would sketch that day whatever caught the eye. Spray painting got introduced to Pollo 7 by his brother and his friends at a relatively young age. And later he became interested in fashion and clothing design. During his early adult years Pollo explored a myriad of disciplines from digital design to big wall painting while also holding down an array of mostly manual labor jobs. As way leads to way, one thing led to another and ultimately Pollo 7 stopped working as a property caretaker to paint full time. For Pollo 7 success is being able work on his art and pay rent – everything on top is extra. -Björn Myhre

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