N.O.Madski - (DE)

Born in 1978 in Cuxhaven, grown up in Bremerhaven, N.O.Madski started spraying Graffitis in the nineties.

Thereby being mainly fascinated by the idea of finding his personal  way of expression by creating letterings. Due to his numerous, originally elaborated letter and mural creations he is today recognized as internationally known representative of style-writing. His letterings equal complicated mechanical constructions and often appear to be complex machines.

N.O.Madski, being a purist, defines the inherent esthetics as what makes his works be what they are. At the heart of his works stand esthetics, even though being intrepreted in a new way and partially abstracted beyond recognition. It becomes clear, that N.O.Madski has long left the typical discourse of the scene and has broken through the given limits of subculture.

His pointed emphasis and the abstraction of these esthetics aswell as the design of letters as a basis, remind you of calligrafic, yes almost cabbalistic symbols and manage to create even more new dimensions of observation by playing with levels and transparency, complexitiy and ambiguity N.O.Madski  understands his works as a door-opener to new perspectives, as a vehicle to what slumbers behind the horizon and under the surfaces. His works prove themselves to be worlds of composition that might remind you of graffiti but acutally are

not. N.O.Madski has been living and working in Hamburg since 2001 and is a member of the Glorious5Artists and the “Outbreak” collective and is also part of the artist group KAYA.

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