Most - (DE)

A cowboy never loses his way: Graffiti-artist Most,enters the cosmos of the gallery.
The figure that will introduce himself to the typo-graffitcal audience by 1994 under the pseudonym MOST, was already created in 1989 within the nightly scent of a spot-hunter and sprayer. We remember: According to the American forefathers, Graffiti-writing in Germany has been existent since 1983.

We thus have a second generation writer, who has been trying right from the beginning to avoid riding a monotonous wave of style. More yet, who has been trying to couple diversity and passion and create an impact of his name within the scene- After more than two decades of dedicated if not legally assured work as abuser on trains and walls, most of his steps lead him to his first legitimate solo-show in gallery scopes.

With hard contrasts, especially in black and white, together with an unusual combination of classical graffiti writing, typography and geometry MOST finds himself in the White Cube.

Here he avoids the so obvious and widely spread use of figurative elements and officialy reduces by heavy abstraction the known alphabetical construction right up to becoming almost non-representational.

However, the forever inviting game of letters still remains the origin - the creator keeps a souvereign grasp as he has learnt in the field under the most extreme conditions, even though sleekness of his moves is winded up to the essential.

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