Kanno & Yamaguchi

Kanno & Yamaguchi - (JP)

So Kanno

1984 Graduated Musashino Art University Department Design Informatics Finished Institute of Advanced Media Art and Science Part time lecturer at Tokyo Zokei University Media Design Major area of media design Part time lecturer at Tokyo Polytechnic University department of Interactive media Using technology and focusing on some specific matters of technology such as relation between signal and noise, error and glitch. Making things that I want to see and observe.

Prizes (selected)

15th Japan Media Art Festival New Face Award

13th Japan Media Art Festival Jury Recommended Works

15th Gakusei CG contest interactive division Excellent prize

Ars electronica Digiral Music Honorary Mention

Asia Digital Art Award Interactive Art Finalist Prize

Asia Digital Art Award Interactive Art Finalist Prize

Exhibitions (selected)

Sapporo International Art Festival (Chikaho, Sapporo)

Materialising 2 (The University Musium, Tokyo University of the Arts)

JIZZED IN MY PANTS (3331 Gallery, Suehiro-cho)

Objects of Sound (la Chambre Blanche , Québec)

Solae art project vol.3 (Tokyo Electron, Akasaka)

Japan Media Art Festival in Yamanashi (Yamanachi Prefectual Library, Kofu)

Takahiro Yamaguchi

Born in 1984, Kanagawa, Japan.

In 2009 he graduated at the Tama Art University. He did his Master at the Department of Information design and had majored in Media Art. His work is inspired by Graffiti, Street Art, Public art and so on. Since then he has been trying to redefine the meaning of these themes through his art work. Mostly he uses digital media and shows in various formats (installation, device, software, internet art, performance etc).

In 2011 his represented artwork “SENSELESS DRAWING BOT”, done in collaboration with So Kanno, was awarded with the New Face Award at the “15th Japan Media Art Festival”.

In 2013, he was selected as a grant artist by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and had stayed in Barcelona and Berlin for 1 year.

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