Greg Lamarche

Greg Lamarche - (US)

Lives and works in New York.
Inspired by the dynamism of his hometown New York City and its role as an incubator of the outlaw art of graffiti, Greg Lamarche’s collages combine the city’s relentless rhythym and graffiti’s aggressive presence to express the power, elegance and rebelliousness of urban creativity. Using found materials and commercially printed papers from his vast collection of vintage printed matter, Lamarche abstracts graffiti’s visual language, playing with a profusion of font styles, word fragments, multiple layers, bold colors, rhythmic repetition, multiple perspective and movement. Each unique work of precisely hand-cut paper thus becomes an interplay of the directness of graphic design and the aesthetics of fine art.

Born and raised in New York, Greg Lamarche created his first collages in sixth grade, when he used firework wrappers, which he had found in the schoolyard. In 1981 he began writing graffiti on the streets and subways, and published “SKILLS”, a seminal graffiti magazine, in the early 1990s.

Since 2000, Lamarche has been working both as fine artist and as graphic designer, and has been featured in numerous publications including the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Phoenix, Print, Juxtapoz, Modern Painters and Arkitip and others. His work is also featured in several new books.

Biography of Greg Lamarche

„Simple Pleasures“, Solo Show at McCaig-Welles Gallery, New York

„Word“, Solo Show at Bronx River Art Center, New York

„Exploring Typography“, Publication by Tova Rabinowitz, Thomson-Delmar

„Corrugated Cuts and Collages“, Solo Show at Reed Space, New York

„Graffiti: Spirit of an Age“, Group Show at Longwood Art Gallery, Hostos Community College, NY, University of New York

„The New Yorkers“, Group Show at V-1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark „New York Subway Graffiti“, Publication by Tod Lange, Schiffer

„The Alphabet Show“, Group Show at Steinsland Berliner Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
„Letterheads“, Group Show at 1000 £ Bend, Melbourne Australia

„Fragments 1915-2011: Modern and Contemporary Collage“, Group Show at ACA Galleries, New York
„The History of American Graffiti“, Publication by R. Gastman, C. Neelon, Harper Collins

„Fresh Kills“, Group Show at Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

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