Dome - (DE)

The illustrator and street-artist DOME lives and creates his art in the southwest German town of Karlsruhe. Fascinated by art in the streets he discovered spray paint as a medium in 1994 and started painting walls. He found his niche creating art?that examines the human body and the human condition in a surrealistic manner.

In 2011 he had the idea to isolate parts of the body and draw them individually.?He developed a system of “modular construction” where he can construct his artwork out of pieces that are drawn in increments of 45 degrees; a body part is drawn and then rotated 45 degrees and drawn again, and then again, etc.? This method allows him the flexibility to quickly change a portion of the composition without starting the entire composition over. The parts are drawn on heavy paper and cut out so they are ready to be glued together for each new composition.? Once everything is in place, he paints the subjects of his surreal world with pens,?india ink and acrylic, and the figures come to life.

Selected exhibitions of Dome

„Das andere Echt” - Galerie X Hoch 4 - Ingolstadt

„Urban Painting” - Castello Visconteo - Visconteo/I
„Sommerausstellung” - Galerie Rheinstrasse - Karlsruhe
„new contemporary art” - Kunstverein Freiburg - Freiburg
„Kunst schenken” - Galerie Rheinstrasse - Karlsruhe

„Nachtgestalten” - Kunstverein Schopfheim - Schopfheim
„Urban Painting Night“ - Urban Painting Gallery - Carugate/I
„Exhibition I” - Neeshkat Street Art Gallery - Karlsruhe
„Urban Art Show“ - Stadtgalerie - Saarbrücken
“Visitors” - Neeshkat Street Art Gallery - Kehl

“Solo Show” - STA Gallery - Tel Aviv/Israel
“shoot for the moon” - Wynwood Embassy - Miami/USA

“Urban Playground” - Urban Art Gallery - Stuttgart/Germany
“ART Athina” - Stigma Lab - Athen/Griechenland

Colab Gallery
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79576 Weil am Rhein - Friedlingen

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