Dare - (CH)

1968 – 2010. Basel area.
Dare is one of the most prolific artist of his generation. He has already painted over 1000 walls in 13 countries all over the world. His works can be interpreted as written selfportraits, every letter is unique and has it’s own expression, reflecting the artists daily feelings and representing his name. Dare Induces his own writing style, punctuated by elegant and fluid poses. Always exploring new posibilities and techniques on his canvases. Qualified as "branding", his style has an unique identity, including letters outlined with extreme precision, layers of bright colours and original backgrounds.

Biography of Dare

First experiences with graffiti.

1990 – 2010  
Working as independent artist

1992 – 2010     
Various national and international solo- and goup shows


2006 – 2010       
Curator Carhartt Gallery

Designing the apartment of Gunther Sachs  at the Wörthersee, Austria, in collaboration with TOAST

„HEIMSPIEL“, Basel, Switzerland

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