Bartek Stypka

Bartek Stypka - (PL)

Bartek Stypka is a Polish artist who was born in 1983 in Częstochowa. From a young age, he had a strong interest in visual activities in urban spaces, including various forms of graffiti. He completed his education at the State High School of Fine Arts and went on to study Visual Communication, earning a Master of Arts degree.

Throughout his artistic journey, Bartek gradually developed a primary technique of hand-cut stencils. This technique became his signature style over time. From 2006 to 2017, he co-founded the artistic project called "Monstfur," which focused primarily on creating graphic paintings in public spaces. The project aimed to bring art to the streets and engage with the public in an urban environment.

While Bartek is currently dedicated to running his own painting studio, his passion for creativity in public spaces remains strong. He continues to appreciate the significance of art in the urban landscape. Often drawing inspiration from personal memories and observations, Barrtek's work explores the intersection of human culture and nature. His artistic expressions often seek to find the point where these two realms merge.

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