Alexone - (FR)

"Paris, early 90′s, the streets of the capital are adorned with strange and special motifs : the Oediperies. Their author, the young Alëxone, spits color, writings and unique characters. Some say he’s a sprayer or a graffiti artist, according to the terminology…

He has developed his personal technique on other supports than the usual urban places. Always willing to experiment more, he maintains the street spirit. Alëxone has an instantly recognisable style. Relationships of colors, materials, words, atypical characters..

The young thirty year old artist oscillates between urban poetry and quiet majesty. His surrealist characters are portrayed in a crazy and colourful world where a sweet craziness exists. Penguins with halos, flame-spitting horses or cross-eyed dogs create his absurd and chaotic animal world. These animals are real graphic elements which change form and meaning from one art work to another.

If we look at Alëxone’s talent under a microscope, we see in it the graffiti, pop culture, comic book, byzantine or illustration art, inspiring his artworks. Far from the rebel honour Alëxone convenes the big everyday icones as well as the great paintings, all with a touch of humour and irony which we find again in his work titles. His humour helps the public understand a piece of art work and it is a way for Alëxone to tease the viewer and thus create a closer relationship. The underlying meaning allows Alëxone to maintain a lightness yet with a serious intention.

Alëxone’s detailed universe needs to be closely observed and analysed. However, there isn’t one interpretation, as everything is possible. Alëxone does more than working with superposition, transparence and volumes; he plays with the different mediums. He creates equally well on high class textiles or on photos. His mix of styles can be found in his  very original art partnerships. They are an integral part of his artistic work. His work is where one wouldn’t expect it to be… Alëxone always surprises and innovates. One can find his work in the fashion world on printed t-shirts, kids’ slippers or improvising temporarily as a chocolate maker in a collaboration. The same can be said of his collaboration with Yomek, which resulted in four bronze sculptures, for moment ...

Following Oxmo Puccino’s words, Alëxone is a „one of the big Names of this world“, a rare and precious personality. Let’s bet his crazy universe will ignite more than one private view…"

Biography of Alexone

2000 – Today   
Various solo- and group shows, Layout of shopping windows, bars, lounges and festivals

2004 - 2006   
Publication „Came à Yeux“

Designing a limited edition of the beer „Desperados“ exhibition «TAG» at Grand Palais, Paris, France

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