123 Klan

123 Klan - (CA)

Live and work in Montreal, Canada.
To get to know 123KLAN: We are stupid like Ghandi, funny like Public Enemy, handsome like Stephen Hawking, clever like David Hasselhof, Hot like Jackie Stallone, dead like yoda, cooler than LL COOL J, smart like Sarah Palin, selfish like the Dalai Lama, lying like a marketing manager, skilled like Snooki, dangerous like E.T. and least not last free like Arnold Shwarzenegger.

Biography of 123 Klan

Formation of 123Klan through Scien, Klor and further graffiti artists

First interests in graphic design Scien & Klor create „Vector-Graffiti“a mixture of graffiti and graphic design

Formation of their design studio 

Design studio in Montreal with specialization on logos characters, letterings and illustration Foundation of their own trade mark „BANDIT-1$M“

Colab Gallery
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79576 Weil am Rhein - Friedlingen

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Opening hours
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