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Ampparito is a Spanish creator who works subverting objects, meanings and realities to generate new experiences or situations. These may arise a wide range of results from the most absolute indifference to the deepest reflection, through disorientation or contemplation.

He develops his ideas mainly in public space, at the beginning because it was the only available mean of expression when he lived in London, at this moment because that given context with limits is the perfect base to start building specific projects strongly connected with the environment.

Due to his profile he has been part of different festivals, exhibitions and public space projects around the world as Nuart (Norway), Street art Museum (St Petersburg), Street Prints (New Zealand), Asalto (Spain) among others.

Currently he is focussing on altering games, their rules and playgrounds looking for trigger spontaneous happenings by the audience. Also he is researching on the boundaries between analog and digital street art and how to show it, trying to stretch its boundaries, playing with the leaks of these two realities.

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