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Relfy was born and raised in Victoria B.C. Canada, and is currently still living in the Pacific North West region of North America. Started writing in 1997.

Inspired by classic graffiti from the early to mid 1970s in NYC and the history of moniker writing on freight in North America, Relfy noticed a lack of classic styles on the rails and was compelled to make tributes of these classic styles on the freight cars in hopes of influencing children in small towns across Canada, USA and Mexico. The reference to different towns, cities, regions, and borders to countries is laced through out the artists work signifying his obsessive interest in names.

Influences outside of graffiti include:
Dada, Surrealism, Folk art, Pop art, Children‘s art, comic books, vintage illustration. „I enjoy to paint a variety of styles, depending on my mood and the circumstances. Sometimes there is only a small window of time to create something, and this can give nice energy to the work. To work spontaneously and freestyle is most enjoyable for myself, although using a loose reference or idea can also be fun.“

I was taught colour theory from my father in kindergarten, during this time and in the years to come he introduced me to military colour schemes and nose art from books he collected. My uncle was a cartoonist so from an early age I was surrounded by creativity in terms of visual arts.

I often have vivid dreams where I‘m exploring and painting freight trains in industrial areas at night, im lucky because they are treoccurring and I love it. They feel very real to me, so I know I have to feed my soul with more of this type of exploration inindustrial zones and painting these giant old dirty cars that travel so far.

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