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Alias IPIN

Alias Ipin is a heterodox street artist. Thanks to his studies in sociology, A.I. takes an acid look at our society through his multidisciplinary work. His imaginary animals, his metaphorical pictures and even his more abstract works evoke Man.

On the graffiti stage, he assumes the poetic character of the streetlighter at the beginning of the XXIst century. Frenetically, he traces flexible and slender streetlights on our town walls in reference to St Exupery’s character.

Since then, he has had many requests to cover places, inside or outside, where he draws screenplays in public areas using his view of a poetical and urban universe.

He especially works with companies of street performance like KxKm or the Serial Theater. He is an associated artist in a structure of La cité des Arts de la rue ( Lézarap’art, Marseille), polishing his work and imaginarious links between Living Art and Street Art. Recently created, his association A l’Echelle, aims to gather various participants in order to bring these two things closer.

Despite these various activities he still finds time to work in his studio. His previous exhibition "Du goudron et des plumes" ( «Tarmac and feathers») at the Andiamo gallery, has been ranked among the ten best exhibitions of the year by the cultural newspaper "Ventilo" from Marseille.

This exhibition illustrated the environemental apocalypse we’re going into with metaphorical objects. In association with Thomas Nomballais, in 2011 he started the FATPOCH project. A.I., lover of refined and solid gestures, illustrates the notion of an artistic attack with public shows of cannon painting.

In his new series of paintings«IMPACT!» you find the organization of patterns, that suddenly experience  an impac, like an aerial photography representing an urban organisation destroyed after bombing.

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