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Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Pantone painted his first piece of art at the age of 12, and hasn't stopped ever since he discovered graffiti in a small town in the southeast of Spain.

Years later he settled in Valencia, where he took part in founding the notorious D.O.C.S team, famous for its smashing experiments with the alphabet. On the side, he kept developing a sort of daring avant-garde graffiti that led him to become a member of the legendary European crew Ultra Boyz.

Nowadays his name has been spread in many of the most important cities of the world and his unique glossy style keeps changing through various different influences, but still preserving the usual stamp of quality.

For the “Don't Forget to Write” show, Pantone proposes a discourse that arises from the idea of Zygmunt Bauman's Liquid Modernity, relating it to elements of the nowadays society, especially to the life of a graffiti artist like him. A lucid exercise on a work that used to stand out in a formal way, completed now with an important conceptual weight.
Omar Quiñones. Velvet Liga Internacional

Biography of Pantone

„Art? Graffiti!“,  Group Show at Ateneu La Caixa Laietana , Mataró, Spain

„Citizens“, Solo Show at Artifex Gallery, Gent, Belgium (D.O.C.S. Show)
„Gratis“, Solo Show at Galería Mister Pink, Valencia, Spain (D.O.C.S. Show)

„Fetén do not forgive“, Solo Show at Montana Gallery, Valencia, Spain

Live painting for America's Cup in Valencia, Spain
„Todo A 100“, Group Show at Montana Gallery, Sevilla

„Proud Makers“, Group Show with Blok, Demsky, Sozyone and Jaba at Mr. Stare Gallery in Valencia, Spain

Graphic designs for Nike SB in Oregon, USA
„Doing only crooked shit“, Solo Show at Mr.Stare Gallery, Valencia, Spain
„Vltrared“, Walls and Exhibition with Demsky and Sozyone at A.F. Gallery, Cologne

Judge at Wall Lords graffiti contest in Taipei, Taiwan
Graphic designs for Nike in Oregon, USA
Paintings for Seen Studios in Paris FR, New York
„Brillo“, Group Show with Spok at Connecting the Dots, Tokyo, Japan
„Ideas en Proceso“, Exhibition at Reales Atarazanas, Valencia
„Homenaje a Mouebius“, Exhibition at Montana Gallery, Barcelona
„Murcielago“, Exhibition with Demsky and Sozyone at Vicious Gallery, Hamburg
„Esto no es Graffiti“, Group Exhibition at Cicus curated by Delimbo, Sevilla
„Veneno44“, Exhibition with Demsky and Sozyone at Iam Gallery, Madrid

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