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Swampy straddles the lines between graffiti, street art and conceptual art. His strict anonymity has kept many details of his personal life unknown, but he has developed a cult following for posting photos of his freight-hopping adventures across the country. His signature horned skull moniker is painted from coast to coast, on trains, rooftops, sidewalks, and even tattooed on a number of people.

The intrigue around this mysterious character is in his ability to turn places into landmarks of both time and location, by tagging them along his journeys. Much like The Reader, Swampy is one of the best-known street artists doing work that is just out of left field and still a bit underground. Such work is inspiring street artists to reevaluate the role that they play in society as the genre gets more and more socially accepted, co-opted by capitalism, and further away from mark-making and human connections.

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