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06.2017 - 10.2017
10.06.2017 - 20:00


With the upcoming exhibition „Prisma“ in June 2017, the Colab Gallery will be placing another exclamation mark in the world of urban art, thus completing the event of the Art Basel with the underrated field of urban art with an excelling list of participants of the highest quality. Just like a prism expresses light and its components the Colab Gallery is aiming to present directly the parallel streams of Urban Art with its the group exhibition. This is how society‘s rambling perception of urban and public art is questioned and how the artists´ motivation and sense of life next to the enormous public interest in contemporary art are better understood.

This year‘s group exhibition presents a fabulous choice of artists from Europe, the United States and South America as well as from the Middle East. Both studio works and wall projects will be shown. The artists are given a newly renovated exhibit structure which upon they can work without restraint.

Also in its eleventh year of presence, the Colab Gallery again proves to have a more than lucky hand when choosing the visiting artists.

Be it naturalistic painting by Pastel from Argentina, oil paintings by Kostas Seremetis from New York City, inspired by classic comics, or the letter fragments that remind of modern architecture by Soda from Italy. All participating artists are bound by the fact of becoming known through their spectacular work in public areas.

On over 300 sqm exhibitional space more works are presented such as the polarizing paintings by Enric Sant from Spain, the accurately presented acrylic paintings by Velvet and Zoer from France or the satiric black-and-white paintings done by the Italian Lugosis. Added to that the impressionistically painted figures by Jaybo Monk from France, the graffiti stencils of the brothers Icy and Sot from Iran and the art of Most from Germany, that ist inspired by graffiti are all desired by collectors and enjoy a worldwide demand.

As in the past years the exhibition will be extended with selected pieces of art out of the in-house collection. Many other artists are mentored by the Colab Gallery by selling their prints in the shop.

This is why we have recreated the popular Art Shop so that in future collectors needs can be met in a better way.