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Andreas von Chrzanowski, better known as “CASE”, is an artist from the German graffiti scene, who was born and raised in East Germany. As early as 1995, he discovered painting with spray cans and uses this medium to make photorealistic images of body shapes and portraits. CASE is one of the four members of the Maclaim Crew. In Germany the Crew is known for their photorealistic works with spray cans.

His work involves people or the human body. He removes them from their normal environment, changes them, and then displays them within a new context, one that has been modified, too. This enables him to replace the traditional idea of beauty with controversial, grotesque images; thus creating nothing less than a very unique kind of fascination for the beholder.

One of the most remarkable aspects common to all of his works is the texture of the surfaces he uses. The background is made of painted cardboard cut into different sizes. Most of it comes from the packaging of the spray paint cans and is stuck together with glue, staples and tape. Sometimes also bits and pieces of wood are attached to the cardboard in order to create an uneven, inimitable surface. This structure is diametrically opposed to typically overblown perfectionist images and gives his works their unique character.

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