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Amose´s works focus on the human body. He stretches and deforms it. He reconstructs the human body by adding forms, colors and overflowing lines to it. This is what makes his work dynamic and sometimes abstract. He also uses stickers, old papers, pieces of wood and wallpaper for his work.

He draws his inspiration from various artists like Egon Schiele, Alberto Giacometti, Antonio Sant'Elia, James Gallagher and from paintings, architecture and photography of the futurist art movement and several Brazilian artists. Amose uses different techniques like screen printing, traditional and also spray painting and  illustrations.

Biography of Amose

Inoperable Gallery / Vienna / Exhibition by Eroné & Amose

Die Kunstagentin Gallery / Köln / Collective Exhibition
Mural IST festival / Istanbul /  Mural painting
Stadt Gallery / Saarbrucken / Collective Exhibition and Mural painting
Maison folie de wazemmes / Lille / Collective Exhibition
Maison folie moulins / Lille / Collective Exhibition

Sergeant paper store / Paris / Collective Exhibition
City Leaks Festival / Köln / Mural painting & Exhibition
Infart Festival / Bassano del grappa / Mural painting
Creature Festival / Lodi / Mural painting
Inoperable Gallery / Vienna / Solo exhibition

Celal Gallery / Paris / Collective Exhibition
Nexus Gallery / Reims / Exhibition Mercurocrom collective
Nice Nice Gallery / Hannover / Solo Exhibition
Issue Gallery / Paris / Exhibition by Amose & Eroné
Palais rameau / Lille / Exhibition & Installation Mercurocrom & Le Lem
Maison folie de moulins / Lille / Collective Exhibition Glasnostdead
Art Asylum Gallery / Boston / Collective Exhibition
Issue Gallery / Paris / Collective Exhibition 
All over Gallery / Lyon / Collective Exhibition

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