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Alice Pasquini

Born in 1980. Lives and works in Rome.
Works as an illustrator, set designer and painter.

Having grown up in the hip-hop culture of the ´90s, she was inspired by the heroine of a comic named Sprayliz. The central figure of this comic was a girl who created politically themed graffitti. Using this as an inspiration she decided to dive into the world of street art. Alice graduated from Rome's Academy of Fine Arts and then lived and worked in Great Britain, France, and Spain. While living in Madrid she attended the well-respected Ars animación school and in 2004 she did her MA in “Critical Art Studies” at the Universidad Complutense.

Alice's preferred canvases are city walls. In the past few years she has traveled far in order to bring her work to life in different cities throughout the world. Her art strives to demonstrate the snap-shots of time of people´s connections to each other. She wants to express feelings and explore these from a different point of view. In her work she likes to deal with strong, independent women as a subject and shows them detached from the typical sexist role model that is set upon them by the society.

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