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P. Luetzelschwab

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P. Luetzelschwab

Graffiti art, photography and screen printing combines Patrick Luetzelschwab in his works. In his artistic work, he does not intervene only on the organism of the city by the painting of industrial buildings, bridges and arrows but also in his photographs, which were edited. The artist communicates the recipient its contents on two levels. The first way you can go to Baudrillard described as " tattooing the walls ". He leaves behind traces of his presence with the help of graffiti art. He can win the territory, his city and its surroundings regain symbolic, emphasize its presence through this intervention in public space. At the second level, he emphasizes his individual point of view by editing cityscapes, which he was previously often actively involved. It creates surprising compositions. On his screen printing destroyed courts, post-industrial or industrial landscapes were often contrasted with innocent children figures. This compound shows more intense the special character of these areas. Also, the apparent idyll on the images from the series " Lilly and Marie" was broken by industrial elements such as surveillance cameras or nuclear power station. Both, his graffiti work as well as the compositions of his photos can be seen as an attempt to overcome the alienation in post-industrial urban areas.

Maria Franecka | Publisher / Copyright : Galerie Gerken, Berlin

Artistic Career

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2005 - today
freelance | Conception and designing of different exhibitions | museumscourier (arthandling) for the Vitra Design Museum Weil am Rhein (D)

2007 - 2009
study at the school of design in Basel (CH)

Museum of Modern Art Vienna (Austria)


Stadtbibliothek Weil am Rhein (D) | Museum am Lindenplatz Weil am Rhein (D)

Art Festival Sevilla (SP) | Galerie Artischocke Lörrach (D) | Galerie Worldatelier Offenbach (D)

Kunstverein Laufenburg (D) | Markgräfler Museum Müllheim (Markgräflerland-Künstlerland) (D)

Ubud Art Festival Bali (IND) | Kunstverein Lörrach (Während du schliefst) (D)

Carhartt Gallery (D) | Ferrett Art (FR)

Kunstpalais Badenweiler (Molekular) (D) | Galerie Stahlberger (D) Künstlerbahnhof Ebernburg (D) | Kunstverein Freiburg (Regionale 09) (D)

Kulturzentrum Le Triangle (Urban Art) (F) | Galerie Stahlberger (25 Jahre) (D) | ULEF Basel (Kunst begegnen) (CH) | Auf der Lyss Basel (Fazit) (CH) | Museum für Moderne Kunst Wien (Koschatzky Kunstpreis) (AT)  Galerie Gerken Berlin (D) | Haus der Industrie Wien (AT)

Tufa Trier (D) | Kunsthaus Jesteburg (D) | Kunstraum Kieswerk (D)

QQ Galerie (D) | Galerie Stapflehus (D) | Galerie Gerken Berlin (D) Provisorische Tramhaltestelle Basel (CH)

Galerie Vorortost Leipzig (D)  | Kulturzentrum Le Triangle (F) | Galerie Stahlberger (D) | II. Grafik Biennale Rumänien

Galerie Stahlberger (D) | Kunstverein Schopfheim (D) | Kuboshow (D) Colab Gallery (D)

Museum am Steinhaus Nagold (D) | Detroit Contemporary Art gallery (US) | Villa Renata Basel (CH) | Positions Berlin Kunstmesse (D) | Galerie Gerken Berlin (D)

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