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Born 1970 in Italy. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
In 1974 I moved to Munich with my parents. As a kid I decided to become a Dancer and got an Education in classic Ballet from 1978- 91. I got pretty good. Even the student time was a hard thing to handle (..Try to bomb at night and take Ballet- class in the morning..). I got engaged as dancer/solist in various German Theatres until 1995. At that time I stopped dancing but continued with dance projects until 2002. 

I started Writing in 1984. It was my second real fascination. For sure it gave me an important balance to the very one sided Dance Education. One of the most important experiences was my first visit to NYC in 1988. I was one off a lucky kind, because just the second day I met the right people, and did the very right things! I returned to New York several times! First time I moved to Berlin was in 1990..Since 2004 I’m back in the german capital again.

Biography of Neon

1992 - Today
Various Solo and Group Shows

`A Tribute to Style´- Kallman Museum, Ismaning

`Graffiti 2000´- Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland

`Urban Discipline´- Hamburg

`Constructions Urbaines´- Taxie Gallery, Paris
`Cubabrasil´- Cultural / Art Project, Cuba

`Wholetrain´- The Movie - Artwork, Consultation

`Berliner Kunstsalon´- Berlin

`Cubabrasil II/ 9th Biennale´- Havana/ Cuba

`Vorstadtkrokodile´ - Set Design- Constantin Film
`Carhartt Gallery´ - Group Show, Weil am Rhein

‘Dakar Experience’ - Goethe Institute- Dakar, Senegal

`Street Art Istanbul´ - Byzantine Reloaded, Istanbul

`Stroke 2012´ - Munich

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